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question of the weekend: What other Web sites do you read regularly?

As I attempt to figure out just what I can do to keep all of you already here coming back for more while, at the same time, bringing in lots and lots of new readers — this is a necessity, I’m afraid — I thought it might be instructive to hear from you what else you like to read online. So, if you’re a regular reader, or if you’re new here but figure you’ll be coming around frequently:

What other Web sites do you read regularly?

I don’t mean just movie sites. I mean anything that involves editorial content. So, not Amazon or eBay, but political blogs, online magazines, that sort of thing.

Also, of course, by sharing, we all may discover sites that other FlickFilosopher.com readers like that we hadn’t heard of previously.

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD/QOTW, feel free to email me. Responses to this QOTW sent by email will be ignored; please post your responses here.)

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  • Magess

    io9 is really the only other information magazine type site I read. It’s got my geek stuff and science stuff and TV stuff and movie stuff all in one and comes out a lot quicker than Slice of Scifi’s news updates, which are what I followed previously.

    I also listen to filmspotting.net for movie reviews.

    Oh! Umm. Television Without Pity. I don’t troll the website, but I subscribe to the feeds for the shows I watch and read the recaps after I’ve watched.

    I think that’s probably it. Everything else I get news-content wise comes from Twitter, where I can keep track of fandom-related items, The Daily Show, and Rachel Maddow.

    I use RSS feeds for most things, and those are largely gluten-free cooking blogs.

  • sophiasol

    The main other editiorial-content website that I read regularly is Tor.com, a multi-contributor blog for “discussion of the entire field of SF and fantasy, in all media and from all sources.”

    I also read a few author-specific blogs, like those of Robin McKinley, Ursula Vernon, Shannon Hale, Ken Jennings, and Karen Healey.

    Also I occasionally read andrewrilstone.com, mostly for the analysis of Doctor Who, CS Lewis, and Richard Dawkins.

  • Funwithheadlines

    For film: Here, /Film, NYT Movies, Ebert, Poland’s Hot Blog, theonering.net

    For politics and news: Daily Dish, Daily Kos, 538

    For finance: Calculated Risk, The Big Picture, Naked Capitalism

    And then my specific-interest sites.

  • Kathy_A

    TWOP and James Bernardenelli for media, Think Progress, Washington Monthly, Crooks and Liars, Digby, and Daily Kos for my wonky political news, Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheezburger for cute animal pictures, a few fanfiction sites, and a few discussion boards/blogs for community bonding (one I’ve been involved with for over ten years).

  • Nadia

    http://www.cracked.com/ – really funny site with interesting things on it.

    http://www.microsiervos.com/ – this one is in spanish, but it’s a fantastic blog with a lot of interesting posts about science and just awesome things, so I’ll leave it here for any spanish-speaking fellows.

    http://www.tv.com/ – to keep up with all my tv series

    http://www.beaucoupkevin.com – everyone knows this guy, right?

    http://www.alertnerd.com/ – nerdy blog

    http://thedailywh.at/ – funny or interesting stuff, sometimes it’s very silly and sometimes it’s quite fascinating

    http://www.wired.com/ – online magazine, a bit of everthing, movies, technology, etc

    http://www.denofgeek.com/ – what it says on the tin

    http://www.boingboing.net/ – blog of science and geekiness

    http://www.sfx.co.uk/ – online magazine, sci-fi, geekiness

    http://pixelatedgeek.com/ – yet more geekiness

    http://theparkbencher.blogspot.com/ – this blog hasn’t been updated in a while, which is a shame, because it’s really funny and interesting.

    And for my Doctor Who needs:


    A geek-nerd? Who? Me? No way…
    Wow, this turned out to be a fairly big list, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of great sites.

  • Marc

    For movies, I regularly read you, Pajiba, and I keep Ain’t it Cool News on my RSS feed for reasons that pretty much escape me these days. I keep up on video gaming editorial content through 1up.com and Wired’s Game|Life, cycle through Engadget and Gizmodo for tech news but not so much for their editorials, and get most of my political discourse from a webforum I frequent. When it comes to television editorializing, I stick to The Onion AV Club.

    When it comes to editorial content, I pretty much like it best when it has a strong voice so that I can actually tell where the author is coming from, so that I can glean something even from articles and reviews I might disagree with.

  • RyanT

    TV Squad, Cinematical, Gadling, Mashable, Neatorama, Lifehacker, Mental Floss, After Elton, Rob Will Review, Film Experience Blog, In Contention, Awards Daily, Televisionary, The Watcher, Download Squad, Go Fug Yourself, Just Jared, Towleroad, and a bunch of tennis blogs.

    All of that pretty much sums up my life/interests. Heh.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    Scienceblogs, Discovery Magazine blogs, Pandagon, Hullaballo, Eschaton, and Lawyers, Guns and Money are the usual blogs I read.

    Lots of webcomics, especially Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Gunnerkrigg Court, Erfworld, Digger and Something Positive.

    Gametrailers for most gaming related stuff, and Macobserver for computing, although I’m shifting away from that in favor of MacWorld.

    Animation World Network for jobs and industry news, along with Cold Hard Flash. Here and Metacritic are my review destinations: I come here for a smart critic whose taste largely matches mine, while Metacritic helps balance that out with a general overall impression.

  • I_Sell_Books

    Ah, well, I am without my rss reader to compare and contrast, but what I read includes:

    htt://www.stirrup-queens.com – Adoption, Loss, and Infertility website (it’s awesome!!)


    “parenting” blogs, but really so much more

    http://blogs.feministsf.net/ – Feminist SF
    http://www.feministe.us/blog/ – Feminism and stuff
    http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/ – they own TOR pub.

    http://kateharding.net/ – Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose, for people of all sizes.(if you read nothing else there, please watch the very illuminating BMI Project


    and The Fantasy of Being Thin


    http://www.ted.com/talks/browse – TED. The antidote to boredom.

    http://disabledfeminists.com/ – FWD/Forward, Feminism and disability.

    http://www.savagechickens.com/ – cartoons on sticky notes

    http://www.fatshionista.com/cms/ – fashion, feminism, tv stuff

    Have a gander, it’s good stuff

  • I_Sell_Books

    HTML fail:


    And if you listen to NPR (which, with increasing frequency, makes me want to hurl my radio out of the car window), you can keep track of the book reviews and author interviews here:

    http://yodiwan.wordpress.com/ – Book Publicity Blog

  • Kate

    Television Without Pity
    New York Times (and blogs therein)
    Daily Dish
    Daily Kos
    Huffington Post
    Slaughterhouse 90210

    It seems too obvious to state outright, but the sites I read multiple times a day are the ones that get updated multiple times a day.

  • http://www.nerdist.com/

    Is really the only other site I visit regularly.

    I am a absurd wiki browser and reader, sometime I get to pages and forget where I started.
    Also gaming sites since I play and worked in the industry awhile.

    Hulu and anywhere else I can watch tv shows :p

  • Well I have a whole list of movie sites I regularly visit, som have already been mentioned, although the main one I use for news is slashfilm.com.

    Away from movie sites I tend to check out a few blogs about blogging such as problogger.net and davidrisley.com as they are great sources of information for improving your site.

    And then just random sites which I frequent include zenhabits.net, writetodone.com and unclutterer.com mainly because I enjoy the content and writing style of these sites.

  • Lisa

    I’d be embarrassed to say! They are all shitty gossip sites – Flick Filosopher is my saving grace!

  • Okay, here goes for virtually every day sites AFTER FlickFilosopher:

    Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com)

    Bank Lawyer’s Blog (nice’n snarky, for a financial blog)

    Yahoo News, CNN

    Drudge Report

    Google news (searching for “doctor who” articles, of course, and then all the happy links it produces like Den of Geek, i09, tv.com, guardian, daily mail, airlock alpha, etc.)


    Mission4Today, Simmers Paint Shop

    various local newspapers

  • Dre in Spain

    Io9 for all my scifi needs
    Jezebel for all my angry feminist needs
    Televisionary, Television without pity as well
    I’ll sometimes look at Den of Geek, but I find it a bit too “laddish”.
    Oh and the BBC and The Guardian because I’m a left wing European socialist..

  • Bill


    in that order.

  • Lynn

    I came here specifically due to Doctor Who withdrawal. The other site I go to for that is: http://copperbadge.livejournal.com/

    Who fan, but primarily an indie game developer that created one of my favorite game heroines. He’s also kinda quiet atm, because he’s working on his next game: http://nygamedev.blogspot.com/

    Socially conscious Christian that reminds me that they aren’t all sociopaths: http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/

    What the Daily Show would be like if they weren’t scared of feminism: http://tigerbeatdown.com/

    Similar to Flickfliosopher, but comics/manga: http://comicsworthreading.com/

    Feminist game blog: http://borderhouseblog.com/

  • Oh and also TV Tropes where I single-handily created the entry for Quiet Man bwhahahahahaha. :)

  • millie

    Movies: I used to read Pajiba, but lately I found it was either too hostile or too fanboyish. I also didn’t like how they buried actual reviews under piles and piles of inane postings. So I stopped reading, and now I mostly read the AV Club and FF for reviews, and I Watch Stuff for upcoming attractions http://www.iwatchstuff.com. I also love http://www.the-editing-room.com/ , which posts hilarious “abridged scripts” of many theatrical releases.

    For gossip/humor/badly-dressed celebrities, it’s http://www.dlisted.com/, http://www.cracked.com/, and http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/.

    For news etc., I read Slate, Salon, The Globe and Mail, and Yahoo! News. I’m a big sports fan, so I also visit Yahoo! Sports and ESPN regularly.

    And finally, for pop culture musings, insightful reviews and commentary, as well as Winston and Rudy, I go to http://fourfour.typepad.com/ by Rich Juzwiak.

    You probably asked already what features readers prefer in FF, but FWIW I come here because I love your reviews. I read the other posts because you always have something interesting to say, but if you’re asking what we’d like to see more of on this site, I would say reviews: older movies, foreign movies, TV shows, cult classics, etc. They’re that good!

    What’s also great about this site are the comment threads. There are always thoughtful and civil conversations going on, and I appreciate how involved you are in providing feedback and handling issues when needed. You’ve created a great space for people to gather and discuss (and for other people to lurk, like me!) So thank you and keep up the good work!

  • I_Sell_Books

    Another rec for Tiger Beatdown!

  • Jean

    I read you, TWOP, Penny Arcade for some geekery and comics, and Tomato Nation for great baseball/life commentary and the best advice column on the web.

  • halavana

    Visit regularly everything from foxnews.com to motherjones.com

  • Kat

    Well, pretty much the usual suspects: TWOP, The Watcher, io9. A couple of obscure blogs dealing with various historical topics. Brad Warner’s Hardcore Zen blog for spiritual needs (despite all the cursing), Steven Pressfield’s blog for advice on writing and Skin Horse for my daily web-comic intake.

  • stchivo

    These posts kinda make me feel like a loner around here, am I the only gamer? I visit escapistmagazine.com a lot for all sorts of video game related content. After that its BrandonSanderson.com who is the best fantasy author ever, I have all his books and anxiously await his next release this august.
    For general news and other stuff I just browse google news.

  • Lynn

    There are very few US game sites that aren’t hostile in their treatment of anything that isn’t straight while male. I’ve been alienated by most of the editorial content, so I’ve stopped reading them.

    As I said above Border House is one of the few exceptions. NYGameDev is another.

    http://www.adventuregamers.com/index.php is another, though they are specialized.

    http://www.pastelportal.com/stories/ is a flash puzzle game site.

    http://www.cubed3.com/forum/ by virtue of being both European and Nintendo based also manages to avoid being offensive.

    I also track Steve Purcell of Telltale Games http://spudvisionblog.blogspot.com/

    As well as Infinite Ammo for their updates on the Marian project: http://infiniteammo.ca/

  • amanohyo

    1up- Mainly for Parish’s articles. I went to Kotaku and ign back in college, but the relentless sexism got too sickening.

    earlyretirementextreme -Jacob should really hire a proofreader…


    Das ist alles. I’m a bit of a ludite.

  • bats :[

    You and The Comics Curmudgeon (http://joshreads.com/) are the only two I read religiously (i.e., daily, like going to Mass).

  • Kris

    The three sites I probably visit most for entertainment news are io9, Movieline and Salon.

    I like Kotaku for gaming news, the Infrastructurist for updates on things like high speed rail, and the Daily Beast for their columnists.

  • Muzz

    I mainly hang around the Through the Looking Glass forums with other Looking Glass Studios gaming nerds I’ve known for a long time.

    It’s CHUD for my other movie chat.

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun for all things game writing and game thinking (playing too, of course).

    I spend a lot of time at Pharyngula for its great mixture of rabble rousing and really well explained science. Scienceblogs generally too (particularly Deltoid and Respectful Insolence).

    Bad Astronomy is frequented quite a lot as well. And some of the other Discover blogs, although I’ve been visiting Phil Plait’s site since before they hosted him.

    Bad Science: Ben Goldacre disapproves of popular nonsense and disproves it.

    Alan Sepinwall‘s TV writing I follow a lot. He’s one of the more prominent chroniclers of The Wire, BSG and other good stuff.

    The Foywonder’s blog is something I keep an eye on too. Scott Foy watches bad movies so you don’t have to.

  • JT

    @stchivo: I too read the Escapist regularly :-) Also Kotaku and Penny-Arcade. I am slightly addicted to gaming news.

    Other than that, I read Hatrack River (Orson Scott Card’s site–he’s a brilliant writer, and his views are always worth reading, even if I often disagree with them). Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show is also quite good–to my shame, I’m not a subscriber, but the free content is excellent, and Chris Bellamy is a fantastic movie critic.

    Neil Gaiman’s blog (http://journal.neilgaiman.com/) is also fantastic, though he’s been updating less and less recently. John Scalzi’s blog (http://whatever.scalzi.com/) is a must-read for sci-fi fans. I also love Hacked IRL (http://hackedirl.com/). And those are the big ones, I guess.

    Oh! I almost forgot the Brainy Gamer (http://www.brainygamer.com/the_brainy_gamer/). Excellent critical discussion of video games, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • MC

    stchivo, I am exclusively a PS2 player/collector, so most of the stuff I read is archival.

    And PaulW, if you didn’t mention TVtropes, I would have… you can lose yourself for weeks in that thing.

    Aside from some of the bigger places people have mentioned, I hang around the blogs of people who dig the same pop cultural things I do.

    Electronic Cerebrectomy: http://samuraifrog.blogspot.com/

    Semaj Blog’s Your Blog:

    Popped Culture: http://culturepopped.blogspot.com/

    Quit Your Day Job: http://quityourdayjob.com.au/

    The Midnight Movie Club: http://midmoclub.com/

    I wish Angela Gunn was still doing Tech_Space over at USA Today though. I loved hanging around there.

  • judy

    There are a few I am not embarrassed to mention. TomDispatch, Salon, Huffington Post. Then there are the many many way too many movie related sites… Hollywood Elsewhere, MCN, AICN, Nikki Finke Deadline Hollywood, Thompson on Hollywood, Chud, Collider. And then there are the really mindless celeb gossip ones… PopSugar. etc. oy. I also read alot of news online about books since I work in a bookstore.

  • texphile

    I read Whatever; John Scalsi’s blog and Television Without Pity.

  • vucubcaquix


    Stop looking at me like that.

  • zepto

    For news I go to NPR and the BBC, and also get linked to Guardian articles all the time but I don’t go there otherwise.

    Almost daily I check on here, Astronomy Picture of the Day, and Hark, A Vagrant. Less frequently I go to feminist sites such as The Hathor Legacy, The Angry Black Woman, and Tiger Beatdown. Once in a while I visit Jezebel and io9. I visit Twitter and Livejournal, but those are more on the social networking and fandom side of things. I was originally linked to your site through a friend on Livejournal.

  • Lynn

    I second Hark, A Vagrant.

    I think St. Francis and the Birds http://beatonna.livejournal.com/131272.html is my favorite.

  • Chuck

    I’m with the other guys that read web comics daily, or multiple times weekly for those that do not update daily. Such as Penny Arcade, Girls with Slingshots, Questionable Content, Sinfest, Chugworth Academy, Johnny Wander, Filibuster Cartoons (political cartoons from a Canadian point of view which I find a useful bit of perspective), etc…

    (FYI I am typing this one handed. (… Because the left one is coated in movie theater popcorn grease from last night’s left over bucket. It’s weird, but I think I like it better stale.))

    P.S. Despicable Me was absolutely adorable.

  • Isobel

    I tend to get my news from the paper or TV, so I don’t read it online too much.

    I like Regretsy and Passive Aggressive Notes for amusement value, and other than that I frequent a couple of forums and read a few blogs that I’ve stumbled across.

  • markyd

    FF is probably my most frequented site.
    Penny Arcade – every other day
    Rotten Tomatoes – duh
    RPGfan – game site dedicated mostly to rpgs
    Weather.com – all day long!
    Based on some of the above posts, I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of what’s out there. I’ll have to try out some of these sites.

  • Daily:
    Besides a handful of webcomics, FB and tvtropes:
    http://digg.com/ (Mainly the science,technology and entertaiment sections)
    http://www.paleofuture.com/ The future of yesterday
    http://thedailywtf.com/ – Wacky hijinks from incompetent programmers and computer illiterate suits.


    On a slightly geekier note:
    http://forums.spacebattles.com/ (Mainly the vs-debates-forum)
    http://www.fanfiction.net/ (More or less only the crossover-section)

    http://www.aycyas.com/ B-movie reviews from a scientist.

  • misterb

    I get meta-directed to what’s happening on the web by
    popurls.com and arts and letters daily (aldaily.com)
    I get my news fix from NYT, SFGate and Huff Po
    Professionally I read the Register (Vulture Central) and Language Log
    Matt Taibbi, Paul Krugman and Mary Ann are the only bloggers I read specifically.

  • Nina

    MA, you are in my most visited toolbar along with the NYT & LAT, The Guardian, Garden Rant, Saving the Season, Respectful Insolence. Visited, but not daily, are i09, Fresh Dirt, & Slate, Angelophenia.

  • http://jezebel.com/ and sometimes Gawker too.
    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ I started reading this in London

    Fun stuff:
    http://realestalker.blogspot.com/ gloriously bitchy home interior voyeurism.
    http://www.badderhomesandgardens.com/ Also gloriously bitchy home interior voyeurism, but different.

  • Tony

    http://www.memri.org (Great site that translates media from the Middle East)


    http://www.fakesteve.net (Fake Steve Jobs Blog)

    blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy (Windows Scripting)

    blogs.technet.com/b/msrc (MS Security Response Center)




    Thats a pretty lame selection…

  • Paul

    atimes.com which is Asia Times Online, a Hong Kong news site focused on Asian news from a mostly Asian perspective.

    aldaily.com, which is Arts and Letters Daily, a website that cruises the net looking for interesting articles for you.

  • allochthon

    My main sites are here, io9, lifehacker and a few sustainable agriculture/aquaponics (wait, what?) pages. And the cheezburger sites. I’m particularly fond of:


    My LJ friends (http://allochthon.livejournal.com/)
    and my twitter feed (http://twitter.com/swanberg)

    Blogtorwho during Who season.

    What I wish I could read, but don’t have time very often:
    http://theangryblackwoman.com/ (and everything else Tempest does, along with related Wiscon sites)

  • Mimi

    I too rely a lot on my RSS reader, so let me see… NY Times is the biggie. A few parenting blogs, sometimes babycenter.com, sometimes dooce. Slate when I have the time. Ditto Shorpy. Salon’s Broadsheet. GoFugYourself. Improv Everywhere. Lots of local news-type blogs — restaurant reviews, urban planning discussions, etc., about my immediate neighborhood. I think that’s all the editorially-driven stuff I frequent… then there are lots of listservs and message boards and other things that suck up the rest of my time.

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