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what the fez…?

It’s a fez. He wears a fez now. Fezzes are cool.

Doctor Who: “The Big Bang” airs — finally! — on BBC America tonight. After you’ve caught up (if you haven’t already), join the spoileriffic discussion here.

Now comes the long wait till Christmas…

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  • Keith

    Obviously the Doctor has a few things to mop up in this final episode of the season.

    For some reason I fear the fez is in immanent danger.

  • Joanne

    Having just got back from the Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall (it was fabulous: listen at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007v097/episodes/player for the next week wherever in the world you are) I can confirm that fezzes are apparently very cool now, as are bowties. Many of both in evidence, worn by young and old, male and female alike. :)

  • Steven Rodney

    The notes for the program are available here.

  • I just watched Eleventh Hour again tonight. It’s a beautiful episode which only gets richer when you experience it from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – revisiting it (previsiting it?) after (before?) the Big Bang. Sigh.

  • Alli

    I forgot how awesome River Song is. I can’t wait to find out more about her next season.

    I watched most of the episodes today during the marathon. I forgot how amazing Helen McCrory was in Vampires in Venice (even if the rest of the episode was so-so). I had a new respect for Amy’s Choice now that I’ve seen Inception twice. The Doctor needs to starting carrying a Totem. Also, Matt Smith was wonderful in every episode this season. In fact, I’ve started to find it hard to watch David Tennant as the Doctor in older episodes. Yes, I went there.

  • Jan Willem

    He’s joined the exalted ranks of Laurel & Hardy and Tommy Cooper.

  • @joanne: i wish there was a visual. i would love to see some of the audience with their fezzes (fezi?) and bowties.

  • Joanne

    @bronxbee: it is going to be shown on BBC3 at some point – September, I think was the rumour – so you ought to be able to obtain it somehow then. The last Prom in 2008 was included on the DVD boxset that year too, so maybe they’ll do that again this time around. There were loads of great moments the cameras could have caught – I hope they got the point when four vampires of Venice were circling one poor guy in the standing up part of the audience. He literally was trapped for several minutes, and got a round of applause when they left him alone. Also it’s going to be worth watching for the stunned expression of the little boy roped in as a “volunteer” when the Doctor arrived in the hall (to loud, loud applause). I don’t think the boy could believe that the Doctor was actually talking to him.

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