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BUMPED UP: Will BBC America finally air “The Lodger” tonight? The suspense is killing me!

Stupid BBC America: Now the BBC America site says that ”The Lodger” will air next Saturday, July 10. I did think it was odd that they’d have a new episode over a holiday weekend, which is why I checked the freakin’ site in the first place… *sigh*

Whatever. My invitation stands: If the Doctor still needs somewhere to stay, there’s room at my place.

Doctor Who: “The Lodger” debuts on BBC America tonight. Join us over here for the ongoing discussion on this episode after you’ve had a chance to catch up with it.

I’ll post some classic Doctor Who blogging this weekend for everyone else suffering from Doctor Who withdrawal.

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  • Martin

    Oh, America, you get new Doctor Who tonight.

    I remember what that felt like and now I have to wait until Christmas for more.

  • afterthunder

    Actually, we don’t. We don’t get this episode until next week (July 10th), which is lame . . . not that I haven’t already watched the whole series online or anything . . .

  • MaryAnn

    But… but… I checked BBC America’s website and it says this ep is on tonight!

  • Rob

    They’ve changed the site. It now says “New Episodes Return July 10 at 9 PM…Next episode: The Lodger.” Tonight, they’re re-airing “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone.”

  • Karen_P

    BBC America really doesn’t get it, do they? It’s almost like they want people to find alternative ways of watching Doctor Who. Pretty mind-boggling.

  • Nadia

    Good move BBC America, as if Doctor Who fans needed more reasons to download the episodes…

  • Isobel

    Yep, there’s a really simple way to cut a swathe through the internet bootlegging/piracy/whatever problem that got a bunch of sites shut down recently. Realise that the world is a lot smaller thanks to t’internet and stop releasing things months earlier in the US than the UK and the rest of the world, and vice versa!

    If I could watch a series on Sky in the UK at the same pace as the US, I would. I only watch things online because I’m not prepared to wait months for them (True Blood on FX in the UK has only just aired Season 2, and I think we have to wait for at least six months before they show Season 3, which is already airing in the US).

  • MaryAnn

    Sneaky stupid bastards. The site did say earlier this morning that tonight’s episode was “The Lodger.”

  • Mo

    At least BBC America has the decency to show reruns for the holiday weekend… Space is having a superhero marathon. :p

  • Just replay “City of Death” in your heads until new episodes resume.

  • Lisa

    If we stayed a colony, we wouldn’t have to wait as long for Doctor Who episodes and Carter USM would tour here. Independence is overrated.

    As read on twitter yesterday – Happy Independence Day Americans!

  • Mo

    @Lisa: we more or less stayed a colony and we have to wait every bit as long as you do…

    *sigh* The first weekend after is always the worst.

  • I watched the the remaining 3-4 episodes online b/c I was on vacation, came home to see my dvr hadn’t recorded anything b/c my father had unplugged the box, so i had thought i already missed everything, b/c i browsed the channel guide and saw no upcoming DW…… great great episodes… can’t wait for the xxmas special!

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