quick list: five TV shows that should be on DVD

With the long-awaited DVD release of Max Headroom arriving next week, I’ve been thinking about what other shows deserve to get DVD releases that are lingering in the ether. After the jump, a few I’d love to see.

(Oh, yes, I’ll have a review of the Max set, and I may have to do episode-by-episode blogging later in the fall, once everyone has had a chance to check out the set; the show is still mindblowing a quarter of a century on.)
Doctor Doctor
Where is the DVD release of Matt Frewer’s 1989-1991 CBS sitcom? I remember this as one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen… and I hate sitcoms. Was it as peeing-in-my-pants hilarious as my memory says it was? Or was I more amused by it than I would otherwise have been merely because I was missing Frewer as Edison (and as Max) on Max Headroom?

Bring ‘Em Back Alive
Tales of the Gold Monkey has been a disappointment on DVD (I’ll review that finally soon, too). But I’d still like to see a DVD set of this 1982-1983 CBS competitor for the small-screen audience desperate for more of anything that felt a little like Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Blake’s 7
Yes, this 1978-1981 BBC science fiction action drama is available in Region 2, but a Region 1 set would open up this cult classic to a wider audience. (I’d like to blog about this episode by episode eventually; it would be nice if lots of readers would be able to watch it again along with me.)

Star Cops
This wonderful 1987 BBC SF cop drama did get a very brief DVD release in Region 2 a few years ago, and almost instantly disappeared. The rare used copy now sells for upwards of £200, which is insane. A new Region 2 release, please, and while they’re at it: Region 1 as well.

Century City
What is it with science fiction shows getting orphaned? This short-lived 2004 CBS series was set in a law firm in 2030, and dealt, in a sophisticated way, with all manner of thinky futuristic conundrums. It probably would have survived on AMC or TNT, but now we’ll just have to hope for an eventual home on DVD for the few existing episodes. (Yes, you can watch it on Hulu, but that’s not the same thing at all.)

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