watch it: “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury”

The whole Internet is talking about this, it seems, so in case you missed it, better catch up:

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury UCBcomedy.com
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I have mixed feelings about this. I wonder if it’s not the shock value of it that has people talking, rather than the subtext of “hey, women like science fiction, too!” That’s hardly a newsflash, nor is the notion that women like smart, creative men surprising. I feel like this only reinforces the stereoype about how women are only sexy if they’re gyrating half-naked in front of a camera — this is one of those tropes that it’s tough to parody by simply aping it.

Now, a half-naked guy gyrating in front of the camera and promising oral sex to, say, Octavia Butler? That would be paradigm-busting…

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