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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Jane Austen’s Fight Club”

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young woman in possession of a good upbringing, must be in want of getting her shit rocked.

Much funnier than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Thanks to the many readers who sent links.

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  • Patrick

    “Who’d you fight?”

    “Austen. I’d fight Jane Austin”

    -Tyler Durden

  • Alli

    LoL. This is wonderful.

    “If I had a tumor, I’d name it Darcy.”

  • lol! And people say women can’t do slapstick. I LOLed pretty hard at the cake, that one woman shoved into a bush, and the teacup.

  • Oh dear. Well, I think Lizzy would win quite a bit. Haha.

  • Kate

    Elizabeth Bennet would kick everyone’s ass.

  • margaret d

    nice idea, but that’s the worst acted parody i’ve ever seen

    (although i did laugh at “the dashwoods”)

  • Melissa

    My favourite Jane Austen parody is from Mad TV – Jane Austen’s Tea ‘n A. The premise was that Larry Flynt came to visit. I’ve looked and looked but I can’t find a clip of it anymore.

  • Erik

    I would kick a dragon’s ass to have that be a real movie. Made my morning, thank you!

  • the rook

    i can’t believe you just recommended a video featuring girls fighting girls – in their underwear!

  • Dokeo

    @ meowbooks & Kate

    I don’t know, I think Marianne Dashwood could give Lizzie a good run for her money as long as she didn’t trip and hurt her ankle!

  • Lea

    Who knew Regency England could be so badass?! ;)

  • i can’t believe you just recommended a video featuring girls fighting girls – in their underwear!

    I’m guessing MaryAnn either knows her audience far better than they know themselves or else she’s really eager to get a larger audience. ;-)

  • Kate

    @ Dokeo

    Hmmm good point. Although I think Marianne would get too emotional and lose her cool. And then trip and hurt her ankle.

    Lizzy has the steely wit going for her. Don’t really see how that could help in a physical fight but you never know.

  • Dokeo

    @ Kate

    But Fight Club has given Marianne discipline, which leads her to moderate her impulsiveness, marry Col. Brandon and kick some serious butt! ;-)

    It’s hard to argue against Lizzie’s steely wit, though. I think they have a lot of ties.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    “I am Jane’s haughty revenge.”

  • Splendid, simply splendid!

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