the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Glamourpuss: The Lady Gaga Story’

Someday, in the distant future, Lady Gaga will be the boogeyman kids tell scary stories about at slumber parties. “And then, Lady Gaga snuck into the airlock and replaced everyone’s O2 with slabs of rotten meat and peacock feathers!” Even her promo material makes her sound like a supervillain, not a pop star:

The most dynamic, talented and earth shattering pop phenomenon of the past decade, Lady Gaga stormed charts, graced magazines and hogged chat shows across the globe during 2009, turning herself into an international superstar before even the release of her debut album. And with Gaga’s music now blasting out of speakers everywhere, her image decorating the walls of the planet and the Lady herself taking over as principal talking point in casual conversations across the world, this is an artist whose time is now. This in-depth documentary film and review uncovers the foundations on which Lady Gagas extraordinary success has been built and follows her career thereafter to the point at which it currently rests. With detailed analysis of the Lady’s background, musical growth, hit songs, concerts and videos; archive and rare footage of Gaga in interview and in performance; contributions from those who have known her best across the years; expert music journalists who have followed her career closely, and many more, plus news reports, location shoots and a host of other features.

(emphasis mine)

I can’t think of Lady Gaga without this Onion article coming to mind: “Lady Gaga Kidnaps Commissioner Gordon.” That sum up her ethos perfectly. And ours. The 21st century took Madonna and turned her into Freddy Krueger.

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Wed, Aug 23, 2017 2:21pm

Here we are, 7 years later she’s still not over. Haters gonna hate I guess. I forgot how people in 2010 were full of hate towards Gaga lmao anyway this DVD sucks tho I can tell since I seen it and wanted to see what people thought of it.