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watch it: “That Mitchell and Webb Look – The Aliens”

I hadn’t heard of Mitchell and Webb before. (Apparently That Mitchell and Webb Look is a BBC sketch comedy show.) Are they always this funny?

(via Bad Astronomy)

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  • Rose

    They are almost always fantastic performers (they star in Peep Show – which is wonderful, especially the first three series) but they are patchy writers, they have their moments.

    My favourite sketch is this one


  • Martin

    Oh God yes, they’re always this funny. The Diana assassination sketch is absolute gold.

    They’re also smart enough to retire a popular character if they get bored of them, rather than running them into the ground like Little Britain.
    I’ve can’t recall any idea they’ve had that they’ve carried on for longer than 2 series.

    And if I was to make a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Movie, I’d cast David Mitchell as Arthur and Robert Webb as Ford. Admittedly it’s because I know David would make a great Arthur and he’d have perfect chemistry with Robert but is that really such a bad reason?

  • Abhimanyu

    You should watch Peep Show. Far funnier than the sketch show, IMO.

  • Scott

    As mentioned above, they’re great performers (see Peep Show). Like most sketch shows, their self-written show (which this comes from) can be a bit hit and miss, but the two seasons I’ve seen are usually more ‘hit’ than ‘miss’.

    David Mitchell at least is also around the place a lot; he has a column in the “Guardian” newspaper, a vid-blog series, and he appears as a guest on a lot of British celebrity quiz shows.

  • Zari

    Mitchell & Webb can be hit & miss (I wish I could find a clip of the “hit & miss” sketch but it’s impossible to search for!) in their sketch show but when they hit the mark they are brilliant. Two of my favourite sketches are “Homeopathic A&E” and Cheesoid (alas, poor Cheesoid…) The Diana assassination sketch mentioned by Martin was up there with their best too.



    David Mitchell is always worth catching on panel shows for his sharp wit. “Would I Lie to You” is the best one on TV at present and he is also a regular guest on QI. And I agree that “Peep Show” is hysterical (and very quotable!)

    The other sketch show to look out for is Armstrong & Miller, who are also funny, intelligent performers. Their WW2 fighter pilots are wonderful.

  • Isobel

    Oh my god yes! Mitchell would make a perfect Arthur Dent! They are both great and always funny, although I find Mitchell funnier than Webb as he’s always so bloody sarcastic. He’s always good on QI as well.

  • I’m with Zari – Homeopathic A&E is fabulous. You should also track down Robert Webb’s Flashdance (I’m at work and YouTube is no-go I’m afraid!).

  • Les Carr

    Rose, thank you for posting a link to my favourite Mitchell and Webb sketch. A close second is the Evil Genius series, with David Mitchell playing a SMERSH-style villain. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDedpreZH-0 Also, the alien invasion, evil vicar, The Event. See the TV Tropes page about their sketches for more info! http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook

  • Zari

    Ah – I found the brilliant Diana assassination sketch!


  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Huh. I’d just posted a YouTube link to a Mitchell and Webb sketch in the The Event thread without seeing this first. How about that?

    Anyway. Highly recommend both Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look – the latter gets increasingly geeky as it goes on, too. (I remember a joke about Adric recently sailing over the studio audience’s heads…)

  • Martin

    Der Bruno Stroszek, I love ‘The Quiz Programme’ sketch too (I’m guessing that’s what you are referring to).

    A darkly funny sketch that just ends up being plain dark by the end as the Quiz host tries his best to keep his spirits up as the horrors of the post Event world keep getting closer and closer.

  • Martin


    And this is a spot on parody of poor television journalism.

  • Marisa Frantz

    I like That Mitchell and Webb Look, but I like the Peep Show just a little bit more. I think you can find the first series of Mitchell and Webb Look streaming on Netflix and all six series of Peep Show are on Hulu.

    Both shows are fantastic. Oh, and David Mitchell is fantastically hilarious on quiz shows and he has a youtube channel called David Mitchell’s Soapbox.

  • Rose
  • Eavan

    Oh I love That Mitchell And Webb show. Gotta recommend the Diane sketch again, so funny.

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