a few thoughts on ‘Caprica’: “Unvanquished”

Has everyone gone totally round the bend? Joseph Adama has thrown himself in with the gangsters in full, it seems. Daniel Graystone is about to go to work for them. (Has he never seen whatever the Colonial version of GoodFellas is? “Every since I was a kid I wanted to be a Tauron gangster…”) Amanda somehow survived her bridge jump, but is shacking up with Clarice, of all people. (Does she have no other friends?) Lacy has become more radicalized and has either fully embraced the STO or is faking it really well — somehow, I suspect it’s the latter. And Clarice is clearly insane… and now she’s in charge of all STO activity on Caprica.

This cannot be good.
It’s interesting, isn’t it, that basically what Daniel is proposing to the Taurons and what Clarice is proposing to the elders on Gemenon is the same thing: life everlasting in the virtual world. Clarice has her One True God and her bizarre “religion without faith” — isn’t that an oxymoron? — and Daniel has only his desire to get back the wealth and prestige he lost to Vergis (who now has the C-Bucs on a winning streak and a factory churning out Cylon chasses, both of which must burn Daniel something awful). It’s an intriguing juxtaposition: gangsters and scientists versus religious fanatics and terrorists, and everybody wants the same thing for reasons that have nothing to do with the thing at all! You can bet that Clarice will not be sacrificing her physical life to live in her electronic heaven… and Daniel doesn’t even really seem to want to grieve Zoe, just use her and her accomplishment for his own benefit.

I like how Clarice’s side of things, however, lays bare the blackmail inherent in this kind of religion: “Do what I say, and live forever.” Ugh. Clarisse’s virtual terrorist attack on the C-Bucs’ stadium is horrifying, all those ordinary people — old ladies, teenage girls, family men — willing to die, to kill. Anyone can be radicalized, given the right incentive, perhaps…

So, the Zoe Cylon doesn’t get destroyed but packed away. That’ll come back to haunt everyone later. There’s gotta be a little piece of Zoe in all the replicated chips Vergis’s Cylons are using, don’tcha think? Will the New Cap City Zoe figure out a way, perhaps, to download into any of the Cylons? That would expand her reach in all sorts of interesting ways.

Gemenon reminds me of Vulcan. The bad boys of New Cap City remind me of Alex and his droogs. Creepy Meg Tilly as the Mother is her own unique kind of ooky…

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