question of the day: What films deal well with teenage boys and sex?

Today’s QOTD comes from reader Sean, who writes:

It occurs to me that you praised Easy A for its treatment of issues such as female adolescence, sexuality, and the issues provoked between the two. You’ve also been harshly critical of Hollywood’s attempts to handle male adolescence and sexuality, and their persistence in trying.

Have they ever been successful? What films HAVE been made that deal well with teenage boys and sex?

There it is: What films deal well with teenage boys and sex?

Outside Hollywood, I’d recommend Y Tu Mama Tambien as a film that offers an authentic exploration of teenage male sexuality. But as far as Hollywood films, I’m not sure I can think of a single movie that treats boys as fairly and as wisely as Easy A does for girls. There are, of course, many many Hollywood movies about adolescent boys, but they tend to be extremely shallow and focused only on what boys are “supposed” to want — to be totally focused on nothing but getting with a “hot” girl at the expense of all else — and almost totally ignoring the emotional side of the equation.

I’ve gotta be wrong about this. What Hollywood films am I forgetting? And what nonstudio films would you recommend?

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