question of the day: What recent crappy movies would work better as TV shows?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie sucked. But some folks seem to feel that Buffy the TV series was pretty darn okay.

I’m really desperately trying to keep that in mind when I think about how the American network Fox is going into production with a series based on the deeply terrible 2005 Will Smith film Hitch. But even my own sweaty terrified desperation isn’t helping. According to Deadline Hollywood, the show will be “an action-packed one-hour,” which doesn’t appear to be how one could describe the non-action-packed romantic comedy that the film was. Hell, it wasn’t even either romantic or comedic, for that matter.
What’s worse: Deadline Hollywood says multiple networks engaged in a bidding war for this concept. So it’s gotta be way better than the crappy movie, right? Right?

Maybe other junk we’ve been subjected to at multiplex over the last few years would be better expanded into a weekly series. What recent crappy movie would work better as a TV show? Let’s limit it to the 2000s, just for fun.

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