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question of the weekend: What is your past, present, and future relationship to Halloween costumes?

Halloween on a Sunday means we get a whole weekend of spooky festivities, if we so desire. Which means lots of opportunities for costume wearing. Will you dress up for a party, for trick-or-treating (by yourself or with kids), to greet trick-or-treaters, or just for your own amusement? If so, tell us all about your costume. If not, what would you dress up as if you were to so? Or are you just not into the idea of a Halloween costume?

What about when you were a kid: Did you dress up? What was your favorite costume? What costume did you long for but never were able to sport?

What is your past, present, and future relationship to Halloween costumes?
I actually have no memories of Halloween costumes from my childhood. I know my brothers and I went trick-or-treating — I just can’t remember what I wore. I also don’t remember Halloween being anywhere near as big a deal as it seems to be today.

As an adult, I’ve never really had much interest in costuming. But last year I did dress in a silvery dress and carried a retro space gun and pretended I was some lost 1960s Star Trek villain, and that was fun. No costume or partying for me this year, though…

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