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a few thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’: “Vatos”

Once again, the logic of this show continues to elude me. Why is everyone upset at the hole-digging guy digging his holes at the edge of the camp? Why not let him dig his holes? Who is he hurting? Perhaps this is merely his own weird self-prescribed therapy for his PTSD from witnessing the end of the world — you know, something to do to pass the time, physical labor helping him forget. Whatever. How can it possibly be “scaring the kids” compared to everything else that’s going on? Maybe if he were actually burying people in his holes… but he isn’t.

Of course, by the end of the episode, we see that he has, in fact, been digging graves for those killed in the zombie attack on their camp. But what are we meant to take from that? All of a sudden, there’s some sort of supernatural element at work? Where the heck did that come from?

*sigh* I think I really hate this show.
And was it really necessary to make the other group Rick and the rest encounter back in Atlanta look like gangbangers? Turns out they’re nurses and janitors who’ve hung around the old folks home to take care of the oldsters when no one else would… and yet the show insists on making them look so very very scary scary when we first meet them. Wouldn’t it have been scary enough just to know that another group of still-alive, not-undead people were too terrified, too intent on their own survival and no one else’s? Conversely, it would have been interesting, too, if that other group did turn out to be gangbangers, and now had to forge an alliance with a sheriff and his crew. But no: it look like merely a cheap way to whip up some phony conflict… as if there weren’t enough already in the situation.

None of which explains, in any way, why everyone is fighting over guns — “guns are worth more than gold”? — when guns (and everything else the few people left need to survive) should just be lying around waiting to be picked up.

Oh, but zombies eat the wife abuser, so there is something to cheer in this show, I guess…

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