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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

question of the day: What would a true joining of Hollywood and Silicon Valley look like?

Halfdan Hussey at TheWrap wonders why no union of Silicon Valley and Hollywood has seemed to work yet:

Partnerships are created when two forces that share a similar goal and vision come together. A great, successful partnership comes when these forces each bring their unique talents and capacities together to move an entire industry forward.

[T]hese allegiances invariably dissolve because neither party understands the culture in which the other one thrives. Both parties want and need each other for mutual long term success – Hollywood needs technological innovations to continue growth and to continue to produce groundbreaking work, and Silicon Valley needs the creative input and outlet Hollywood studios provide. But both are stuck with traditional cultures that, on the surface, conflict.

Hussey is a founder of Cinequest Film Institute, which he explains is

one of the few companies that truly embody both the maverick mindset of the technology entrepreneur with the deep understanding of the business of making movies. Through both a film festival and studio, designed to celebrate technological breakthroughs on the big screen, we at Cinequest are able to bring together the best and the brightest from each world to celebrate possibilities of technological innovation and partnership.

But that sounds like nothing more than the kind of mealy-mouthed buzzwords that don’t mean anything. Doesn’t any movie that uses any level of special FX or any sort of new equipment — like cameras — bring together the best and the brightest from both worlds? Or should a true union of movies and technology encompass more than that?

What would a true joining of Hollywood and Silicon Valley look like?

Would be it more about truly interactive movies, entertainment experiences that combine both intense narratives and gameplay? Would it be about movies created via a new technology, like a crowdsourced screenplay or something similar?

What do you think?

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