watch it: “Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA”

The horror stories of the TSA are mounting by the day… and things were bad even before the recent introduction of these “enhanced patdown procedures” now subjecting travelers to invasive, humiliating government-sanctioned groping that some extremely reasonable people consider sexual harassment.

This is one of the worst, however.

Notice how you can hear people observing this expressing their disgust. I’ve been saying this for years to constant disappointment, but perhaps now, this, this TSA bullshit security kabuki — which does not work — will finally be the thing that pisses off enough Americans to rock us out of our complacency.

Or else we will continue to shuffle, dead-eyed and interested only in who’s winning on Dancing with the Stars, to the end of America. Perhaps no one at all will protest when the next step the TSA takes is to ban cell phones and cameras at security checkpoints, so that no one can see what’s really going on.

I’m flying this week to visit friends for Thanksgiving. I am bookmarking My TSA Horror Story in case I need it after my trip.

(video via Americablog)

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