question of the day: If you were filthy rich, how would financially support the arts?

Rich folks need to donate more dough to the arts. At least that’s how one British politician sees it. From the Guardian:

Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, will pledge to end a “startling” divide which sees the rich donating less as a proportion of their income to charities than the less well off. He will outline a government review that is likely to examine tax incentives to create a legacy version of the medieval tithe in which parishioners gave 10% of their income to the church.

Hunt joins forces with his ministerial colleagues Francis Maude and David Willetts to pledge that the government will help Britain to catch up with the US, where the arts are funded through billions of dollars in philanthropic donations.

In a Guardian article, the three ministers write that charitable donations increased last year. “But we believe we could do so much more. At the moment, Britain lags behind other countries, especially America, in terms of its rates of charitable giving and volunteering. And it’s startling that the richest third of donors in this country give less as a proportion of their income to charity than the poorest third.”

Politics aside, what artistic endeavors would you personally like to see get more funding? If you were filthy rich, how would financially support the arts? If you wouldn’t support the arts, why not?

I’d start a foundation to support education in arts appreciation from elementary school onward, so that even little kids begin to learn why the arts are vital to our culture, and how to interpret and understand all kinds of art. And I’d be a patron of artists with promise, from filmmakers and writers to musicians and painters. I’d be such a generous millionaire, if only I had the opportunity…

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