question of the weekend: If you were a diva, what outrageous demands would you make?

Katy Perry recently demanded, as a requirement of her appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards show, that she be given crackers and cheese in her dressing room. Not so weird, perhaps, except for one provision: the crackers and cheese had to be on ice.

In the wake of this bizarre request, Metro.co.uk ran down some other diva demands. This one is my favorite:

Notorious for her extravagant demands, US singer Mariah Carey took it to a whole new level last year with the rider requests for her appearance to turn on the lights at London’s Westfield shopping centre.

Mariah demanded she be driven in a Rolls-Royce along a pink carpet to a pink podium inside the building.

She also insisted that 20 white kittens be supplied and 100 white doves released as part of the ceremony.

Her requests were denied, and she showed up anyway. But still: kittens and doves?

It must be nice to be so powerful — or at least to imagine that you are — that you would even conceive of formulating such a demand.

If you were a diva, what outrageous demands would you make? And what kind of tantrum would you throw if your demands were not met?

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