the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Slave’

This has absolutely no potential to be exploitive, right? Young naked blond woman with the word “slave” emblazoned behind her head? Nah:

When David’s (Sam Page) fiancé Georgie (Natassia Malthe) is kidnapped while on a vacation in Spain, she becomes the trophy of a dangerous and masochistic psychopath known as the White Arab (David Gant). While Georgie fights for her life and her sanity, David must wade through a quagmire of corrupt officials, drug dealers and crazed locals in an attempt to discover her location and rescue her before it is too late.

Totally a reasonable and rational and evenhanded treatment of the tough subject of sex trafficking, I’m sure. I mean, look at how the Region 2 version handles it:

Of course love hurts. And of course we call it love when a woman is held against her will, gagged, and made to suffer:

Based on actual events, SLAVE is the dark, twisted and unrelenting story of how the most basic of actions can lead to the most brutal of consequences. American sweethearts Georgie and David travel to Spain seeking the wedding blessing of David’s estranged and criminal father. Invited to stay at his palatial villa, they find themselves entering a world of wealth and danger beyond their wildest dreams. When David’s father is away on business they head out for a night on the town where they meet seedy nightclub manager Marlon. He offers his new friends the VIP treatment, providing champagne and drugs. Caught up in the hedonistic atmosphere, David leaves Georgie alone for a moment. When he returns, she has vanished without trace, or a single witness. Now David must wade through corrupt local officials, drug dealers and crazy locals to find her, but is he ready to discover the truth?

Not at all exploitive. Never.

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