‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: ‘Torchwood’ season 4 details

I missed noting back in December that American actors Bill Pullman and Mekhi Phifer had joined the cast of the upcoming season of Torchwood, which has just started production in the U.S. as a joint project of the BBC and Starz. Now we’re getting word that the arc’s title has changed from “The New World” to “Miracle Day,” and that its story revolves around this concept, according to Russell T. Davies (via EW’s Inside TV):

The premise is a miracle happens in the world. One day, on Earth, no one dies. The next day, no one dies. The day after that, no one dies. The [people who are] dying, keep dying … but don’t actually die. The possibility of death ceases to exist. Which is great for some people. But it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying … What is society going to do now? Some of the answers are beautiful and brave. Some of the reactions are terrifying.

Pullman plays a death row inmate who gets his lethal injection… and doesn’t die.

The ten-part story may or may not debut on July 1.

What do you think? How will a planet Earth still rattled from the events “Children of Earth” cope with another global crisis? And where will the Doctor be in all this? (Absent, of course.)

(Thanks to Ken for the heads-up. If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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