maybe it’s time to just give the fuck up on movies: part ii

I haven’t seen Hall Pass yet — it won’t open in the U.K. till March 11 — but that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed off about it already. From a review by John P. Meyer at the Dallas-Fort Worth site Pegasus News:

Of course, anyone indulging in criticism of the narrative approach employed by the guys who made Dumb and Dumber and Something About Mary is well and truly barking up the wrong tree. This is the kind of movie that targets the funny bone, not the intellect.

First thing to hate here: the idea that because filmmakers have gone out of their way to be asinine all through their careers, they are now immune from being criticized for their stupidity.

Second thing to hate here: the idea that the intellect is not connected to the funny bone.

Third thing to hate here: the fact that these two concepts are fairly widespread not just among filmgoers but among film critics as well.

I really do despair something awful at the moment…

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