question of the day: How does the news of celebrity deaths affect you?

I have to be honest and confess that when the news of Elizabeth Taylor’s death broke yesterday, the first thing I thought was, She was still alive? I thought the same thing when Jane Russell died earlier this month. When it’s someone younger and still working, I sometimes feel more genuine shock — when I heard that Heath Ledger was dead, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach… but only momentarily, and then I went back to my own life. I am, mostly, indifferent to most news of celebrity private lives, including their deaths, even the ones whose work I’ve greatly enjoyed.

The tributes that pop up, however, suggest that at least some people get nostalgic in, at least, the cases of quite old celebs who had long careers. Do some movie fans suddenly want to rush out and attend a marathon of Elizabeth Taylor’s films? That’s one impression I get from the reactions since yesterday. That doesn’t seem like an inappropriate reaction at all, but it’s still not something I’m moved to do.

What about you? How does the news of celebrity deaths affect you? Or perhaps, like me, it doesn’t affect you at all…

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