the oh-yes! DVD of the week: ‘Justified: The Complete First Season’

One of the best American series of the moment is now available to catch up with on DVD: Season 1 of FX’s Justified is now out on Region 2 DVD. (It’s been out for a while in Region 1.) In this modern-day Western, Timothy Olyphant finally finds a place for his prickly talents as U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, a 21st-century cowboy with all of the baggage we expect from our angst-ridden TV cops, with the additional burden of being a cowboy in an era when everyone makes fun of such an affectation: his ride is a federal-issue car, after all, not a horse.

Also, did I mention this totally gripping show features Timothy Olyphant, who has been badly misused and underappreciated by Hollywood? Even I have to give an enormous sigh of relief to see him finally able to settle into something this good. I can’t imagine how relieved he must feel about it…

(I’m delighted to have figured out a way to keep up with Season 2, which is now airing in the U.S. on FX but shows no sign of appearing on this side of the pond. I wrote about the first three episodes here.)

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