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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

the oh-yes! DVD of the week: ‘Stephen Fry & The Gutenberg Press’

Can cool stuff get any nerdier than this?

The printing press was the worlds first mass-production machine. Its invention in the 1450s changed the world by sparking a cultural revolution which shaped the modern age. In this BAFTA nominated programme Britains national treasure, Stephen Fry investigates Johann Gutenberg, the elusive inventor of the printing press. Stephen’s investigation discovers the lengths to which Gutenberg went to keep his project secret, and uncovers the importance of printing in medieval Europe. To really understand the man Stephen must get his hands dirty, assembling a team of craftsmen to build a working copy of Gutenbergs original press. Can Stephens team match the achievement of Gutenbergs medieval craftsmen?

I’m thinking not.

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