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watch it: “Rebecca Black – Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan”

More Friday fun! (In case you missed it, check out the original Rebecca Black “Friday” video, and don’t miss Stephen Colbert’s cover.)

As Galley Cat notes, what’s even more interesting than this spoof is the creative comments it’s inspiring at YouTube. I like these:

I can’t believe no-one remembers the TRUE origin of this song. It was first recorded in the 60s by the New Originals (the band were formerly the Originals and went on to become the famous Thamesmen). The cereal line was the first of a series of domestic food references that flowed through the lyrics of songwriters St Hubbins and Tufnel (Cups and Cakes and the album Shark Sandwich being others). Dylan stole and recorded the song while the Thamesmen were in mourning for their drummer Stumpy Pepys.

I remember it was back in 1989 and i was cruising down Route 66 through the woods of Missouri headed towards California for a roadtrip with the friends. I was driving my Buick Skylark, brand new at the time, and this song came up on the radio. We have never been so amazed by the beauty of nature. It was truly a beautiful experience we all felt more then alive throughout the time frame that this song was playing. That was the best roadtrip i have ever taken. We ended it on a Friday so celebrate.

I remember me and my highschool sweet heart used to go to the old drive-in movie theatre in my 1968 fastback mustang… it was baby blue… we would listen to “Friday” from Bobs, now famous, “Days of the Week” album. Cristine and i would just relax and light up as we reflected on the song’s depth of meaning and superb allegorical parallels. It was fun, we were looking forward to the weekend… i feel like i’m forever after living in saturday and sunday, craving the simplicity of my friday prime.


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