well, which is it?

Is the upcoming American fall TV season going to be awesome and original, or repetitive and trite? Depends who you ask…

From The New York Times:

After Weak Season, Networks Strive for Fresh Ideas

Acknowledging that the crop of new television programs last year was almost a complete washout, the networks are spending big this year to promise, if not genuine excitement, at least something different.

Some of the new series to be unveiled to advertisers in New York this week feature special-effects dinosaurs, an original musical, some period pieces and at least two importations of characters from Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

From TheWrap:

Fall TV: Five Trends for the 2011-12 Season

Whether it’s because great minds think alike, writers and executives take their cues from the same influential shows, or just old-fashioned marketing data, similar-seeming shows abound every fall — and so it goes with the upcoming season.

As the networks begin to unveil their slates in New York City Monday, we look at some of the biggest trends this season, what they mean, and how they came about — from empowered women to emasculated men to shows based on fairy tales.

My money’s on repetitive and trite.

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