question of the day: What is your favorite foodie movie, or foodie scene in a movie?

I hope this weekend’s Question — about your favorite meals — has put you in a mind to think about movies and food, because this is gonna be fun:

What is your favorite foodie movie, or foodie scene in a movie?

I’ve got a few:

= the lunch scene in The Breakfast Club
= Chinese turkey in A Christmas Story
= Sally’s fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally (which becomes a foodie scene thanks to the setting and the punchline: “I’ll have what she’s having”)
But I think my very favorite is the prison cooking scene in GoodFellas.

I cannot cook with garlic without hearing the voice of Ray Liotta in my head:

He had this wonderful system for doing the garlic. He used a razor and he used to slice it so thin that it used to liquefy in the pan with just a little oil.

What movies or scenes make your mouth salivate?

(And start thinking about disgusting movie stuff. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.)

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me. Responses to this QOTD sent by email will be ignored; please post your responses here.)

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