question of the day: Which will come first: a non-British James Bond or a non-British Doctor?

This notion came out of the discussion following yesterday’s female gazing, at actor Lee Pace. I suggested in the post that he might make a great James Bond, to which bronxbee responded that he’d make a good Doctor — of Doctor Who, that is — as well. I replied to that with this:

I think there’ll be an non-English Bond before a non-English Doctor.

Of course, I’m already wrong about that: we’ve had both non-English Doctors and non-English Bonds: both characters have been played by Scottish actors, and, indeed, Pierce Brosnan is Irish, though he grew up mostly in England, so there has already been, technically, a non-British Bond.

But we’ll forget that tiny detail of Brosnan’s birth when we think about this:

Which will come first: a non-British James Bond or a non-British Doctor?

Once you start thinking about the matter, it’s not as easy as it sounds. James Bond is by definition British, so it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which he does not speak with a British accent, even if he’s played by a non-British actor — though it’s not impossible, either. Perhaps our new Bond comes from another country in the Commonwealth… perhaps he’s been raised in secret on an Australian sheep ranch to protect him from blah blah blah.

The Doctor, on the other hand, is not British. He’s not even human. And he has had different accents, albeit, so far, only different British accents. But there’s no reason within the context of the story that the character must speak with a British accent. It’s just the howls of (probably justifiable) outrage that would sound were a non-British actor to be cast in the role that might prevent it.

Corrollary question then, too: What non-British actors can you imagine or would you like to see in either or both roles?

(Lee Pace? He’s American, in fact. A lot of people seem not to know that. He did sport a perfect English accent in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.)

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Kiyoko Tanaka
Kiyoko Tanaka
Fri, Sep 24, 2021 1:27am

You forget George Lanzenby. He wasn’t even European let alone British. He was an Aussie

MaryAnn Johanson
reply to  Kiyoko Tanaka
Tue, Sep 28, 2021 9:47pm

As I noted, there have already been non-British Bonds.

Now, would you like to address the substance of this 10-year-old post you chose to respond to?