question of the weekend: How do you cope with the worst of summer’s heat?

I am so glad not to be in New York City right now. Folks here in London have been complaining about the lack of summer, but with temps in the 60s and low 70s, I think it’s been positively lovely… and it’s infinitely preferrable to the horrific heat wave that much of the U.S. and Canada have been suffering through for more than a week. Apparently it reached 104 in New York yesterday, just two degrees shy of the record, and an 18-year-old landscaper died from the heat in Louisville, Kentucky. (See this MSNBC story for more on the heat wave.) When even healthy young people are dying from the weather, it’s verging on the apocalyptic.
How do you cope with the worst of summer’s heat?

Is it merely a matter of staying in the AC… or is that not an option for you? (I never had AC in my apartments in NYC, but I never minded that as long as it got cool enough at night to sleep. It doesn’t look like that would have been the case this past week.) Do you have other tricks and tip for keeping cool? A special drink or favorite light clothing? How do you manage?

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