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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

watch it: Peter Jackson’s second ‘Hobbit’ production diary

Andy Serkis is doing second-unit directing? Cool! I don’t think I knew this before.

So sweet, listening to all these hardworking people talk about what they’re going to do with their bit of time off before shooting on the next big block of the film commences.

Except for Peter Jackson: he apparently never stops working. Hearing about all the considerations that go into location scouting is totally fascinating, and involves a lot of stuff I’d never consciously thought about before (though it becomes obvious once you do start to think about it), like making sure there’s a spot, at a remote location, for a bank of portapotties where they won’t be in the shot you want to get.

Follow along with the production on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page.

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