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question of the day: What are the best insignificant details you’ve seen in a movie?

Today’s question comes from Kirk, who writes:

If “god is in the details” then isn’t great moviemaking also in the details?

So, you watch a movie, and you like it, and you watch it again. It’s even better the second time so you watch it a third, a fourth… and every time you do, you notice “little details” that you missed before, because you were concentrating on the dialog or the action or something “main.”

What are the best “insignificant details” you’ve seen in a movie?

Three quickies from Star Trek that prompted the idea:

When Sulu stabs the Romulan to save Kirk, the blade is wet with green stuff, cuz Vulcans and their “cousins” the Romulans have green blood. (Okay, that one’s pretty obvious, at least to fans.)

How about this:

You get a brief look at the Romulan’s boots, and the toes are are in two fairly equal “points” — not sure what a Romulan’s foot looks like, but it’s pretty clear it’s not like a human’s.

Or this:

When Spock beams down to Vulcan to go to the Katric Ark and save the High Council (including his parents) you can briefly see high in the sky above him contrails of vehicles evacuating other Vulcans. (This detail is actually fairly important; at the end of the film Spock reports that thousands of Vulcans survived, but this little detail is the only evidence we have for any survivors other than the ones Spock brought out himself.)

Your turn, readers:

What are the best insignificant details you’ve seen in a movie?

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