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think the Americanized ‘Torchwood’ sucks? brace for more

Torchwood: Miracle Day might be awful, but as with lots of other awful television, people are watching it. So prepare yourself for more terrible TV produced as joint Starz-BBC projects. From C21Media.net:

Torchwood ignites Starz, BBCWW pact

US-based Starz Entertainment and BBC Worldwide Productions have signed a multi-year production/distribution pact following the success of Torchwood.

The pair will co-develop and coproduce new series, comprising one-hour episode dramas that will debut on Starz’s networks in the US and English-speaking Canada. BBCWW will sell the resulting output internationally.

The pair used the model for the latest season of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, which was stuck in development hell till Starz came onboard as co-finance partner.

The agreement will see BBCWW Productions lead production on the new shows, working in partnership with Starz’s Original Programming team. Details of the new series will be announced at a later date and, according to the pair, could total more than 100 hours.

If Miracle Day is any indication, these new projects will be the definition of “lowest common denomination”: dumb it down to appeal to the perceived stupidity of the American audience. Don’t expect the American audience to show it is capable of enjoying something just a bit smarter… never mind that it has already demonstrated as much with the purely BBC Doctor Who and the purely BBC Torchwood doing well in the States. Dumb it down some more in order to grab the mainstream audience, which couldn’t possibly cope with timey-whimey and Welsh accents.


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