watch it: “13 out of 99 Part I”

Yup, pretty much, it’s all hippies. No, wait, it’s all overprivileged college hipsters. No, wait, it’s artists and musicians and activists and unemployed dads and people feeding people and immigrants and men and women and young folks and older folks and black people and white people and brown people. It’s a cross-section of America.

Blogger VastLeft of Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy interviews protesters at Occupy Boston on Monday, October 17, 2011. He explains:

This first installment introduces these attendees and their reasons for coming to Occupy Boston. The second video centers on their responses to questions about national politics.

My goal in putting these videos together was two-fold:

1. I wanted to see and share an unbiased look at individuals at Occupy Boston. I had — and have — no agenda to spin them or the 99 percenter movement in any particular way, just trying to catch an honest glimpse into the world of the Dewey Square protests, and this corner of the movement overall.

2. I wanted to check in with people at Occupy Boston about issues of interest to me, re: presidential/party politics, to get a sampling of their views. This is covered in the forthcoming video, “13 out of 99 Part II.”

Occupy the Net.

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