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Doctor Who thing of the day: “Night and the Doctor” minisodes

What does the Doctor do while his companions are asleep? I have my own ideas about this, but here’s Steven Moffat’s take, across five mini episodes from the new Season 6 DVD box set. Watch ’em now, before they disappear from DailyMotion. Oh, and buy the box set, why not? [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K.]
“Bad Night”:

Jim the Fish? Or not? The suspense is killing me!

“Good Night”:

Okay, so we’ll never know if that was Jim the Fish. But now we know that the best way to deal with the mess that is time and space is to have an ice cream. And here I thought a nice cup of tea was the solution to everything.

“First Night”:

“We’ve got 10 minutes to get dressed.” “That is so close to the perfect sentence.” But this timey-whimey romance is gonna be a mess…

“Last Night”:

Time Lord sandwich!

“Up All Night”:

Um, what? Did Moffat just run out of ideas with this last one? C’mon, how many awesome parties around the universe could the Doctor be going to?

Seriously, purchasing the DVDs supports the show. I may have complained about this season a lot, but it’s not like I don’t want more. I’m sure you do too.

Via DoctorWhoTV. Thanks to Ken for the link.

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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  • I believe it was mentioned that the “fish” was in fact the Queen of England. (She had been turned into a fish)

  • Martin

    First Night/Last Night was so bittersweet and a perfect example of how effective these little mini episodes can be. It’s an idea that isn’t big enough for an episode but interesting enough not to make it the B story to something else. 

  • Yes, but then the Doctor said he took the wrong fish! So was the other fish Jim? We still don’t know…

  • Guest

    These are really nice.  Clearly these were done in the same way as the prequels: using the cast of an episode to make an additional little scene.  Seen in that vein, the problem with the last video is that it IS a prequel and so doesn’t fit in with the rest.

    But all hilarious and, as Martin said, a nice way to explore little ideas that don’t quite fit in.

  • Henry from CO

    Thanks for updates.  A nice WHO fix as we wait for the Christmas special.  I especially like the River Song shorts; particularly her final trip with The Doctor before The Library episode.  Makes me want to go back and watch again.

    Such a clever, clever man that Moffat.  Not surprise though of the announcement of next season being pushed out until autumn.  He’s so busy with WHO, Sherlock, Tintin, and who knows what.  It is interesting however that with the late start they could begin to develop a story line for the 50th anniversary the following year.  It just might be where the wait.

    Take care

  • I think I’ll save these until Christmas day. Unwrapping the DVD, picking a moment to sneak out of the kitchen, grabbing 10 minutes of Doctor Who in the middle of making the dinner, these are the things that give Christmas its true meaning. Happy Jeffmas, everybody!

  • Karl Morton IV

    “Prince of Wales” or “Prince of Whales”?

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Bad Night is zany and silly, but not great.
    Good Night is brilliant. I cried. When they slow down, both Matt and Karen can be exceptional actors.
    First Night and Last Night… well, I suppose my only real problem is that I disagree with Steven Moffatin regards to the order in which things happen for River.  I do get the sense though, that we can take the canonicity of these minisodes with a grain of salt. So, he’s provided both himself and future writers/show runners with some leeway in how they handle the problem of River Song. Hence, the Doctor telling himself “Spoilers” when asked if “this [is] that night?” (I, for one, don’t notice a haircut.) About te only thing he’s locked into (and I think this was a mistake) is that any other incarnations of River Song the Doctor encounters will be “Evil” Melody Pond. Stupid Let’s Kill Hitler

  • Dr. Rocketscience

    Also, I heard the line as “We’ve got 10 minutes, so get dressed.” That sounds much closer to the perfect sentence. :-)                                         

  • Matthew

    He’s not busy with Tintin,  his involvement with that ended when he took over Doctor Who. That’s why there are three credited screenwriters on the movie – although he’d have got more work done on it had he not been delayed by the writers’ strike. And yes, Moffat really has seen two whole series of Doctor Who through to broadcast in the time it took Tintin to get to release.

    On the Sherlock front, Moffat has explicitly stated that the change in schedule on Doctor Who isn’t down to Sherlock. However, the way things were going,  he’d have been hard pressed to get scripts ready in time to start filming Doctor Who in August, which would be roughly the time you’d need to start in order to broadcast in the spring.

    The official reason is that Doctor Who works better in the autumn, with the nights getting darker as the series progresses, in Moffat’s view. Certainly an autumn series would take in November 23rd, which is a Saturday in 2013.

    There’s been a lot of fretting about the plans meaning less Doctor Who each year but there’s nothing definite as yet, beyond the next series starting in the autumn. There are no production reasons why that couldn’t be 13 episodes and there’s been no definite announcement yet.

    It does seem likely, though, that the series will continue to be made in blocks of 13, with a Christmas special as extra, once a year. What’s not clear is if all 13 episodes will be shown in the autumn of the same year or if some will be held over to the next one.

    And yes they are already thinking about the 50th anniversary, but I don’t think they’ve delayed production because of it. Although the move to autumn does mean that they can celebrate the anniversary on the day itself as part of the normal run of episodes, potentially.

    I suspect that they getting away from airing in the sunshine was the main reason, though, maybe combined with some logistical considerations about moving studios to the new complex in Cardiff (which they’re doing now).

  • Alli

    “My life doesn’t make any sense.”  I think Moffat’s been reading your reviews.

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