question of the day: Has anyone played more iconic roles than Harrison Ford?

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

I’m still not over my disappointment with Cowboys & Aliens. I feel like I should watch it again now that it’s on DVD, but I can’t work up the enthusiasm for it. I can’t stand how it squanders its premise and the presence of its iconic stars, particularly Harrison Ford. Really, the thought of Harrison Ford fighting aliens in the Old West was almost too much to bear before I saw the film… and then afterward, it was definitely too much to bear pondering how many ways the film failed to approach the coolness of that notion. This role should have been another notch in Ford’s icon belt, and it simply wasn’t. Not even close.
But I shall try to look on the positive side of this — nothing can diminish Ford’s status as an icon — as pose a question that reader Kirk sent in recently:

Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard, Jack Ryan, Dr. Richard Kimble… Has anyone played more iconic roles than Harrison Ford? And am I wrong: Could something diminish Ford’s status as an icon?

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