question of the weekend: New Year’s resolutions — love ’em? hate ’em? make ’em and ignore ’em?

Times Square ball

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we all have some important decisions to make. Is it worth getting dolled up and going out to a party with a bunch of drunken idiots (or being a drunken idiot yourself)? Is it worth staying up till midnight just to watch the clock change, something it does every day of the year? And is it worth making New Year’s resolutions?
New Year’s resolutions — love ’em? hate ’em? make ’em and ignore ’em?

Do you make resolutions for the new year? Do you ever keep them? What would you like to resolve to do newly or differently in the new year, even if you know you’re unlikely to actually keep those resolutions?

I’ve promised myself tons of things for the new year, from the usual “I’ll eat better, honestly, and maybe even lose a few pounds” to the me-specific: “I gotta make a real effort to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from now on, which is more difficult in London than it was in New York, what with the time difference, the need to use the Net, and lack of a DVR.”


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