watch it: Jimmy Kimmel encourages the emotional abuse of children at Christmas, and parents comply

This has been going around the Web for a week or so, and I’ve been trying to avoid it, but I can’t get it out of my mind… especially since so many people seem to think it’s simply hilarious.

So Jimmy Kimmel of the TV suggests that parents tell their kids they get to open a Christmas present early, except the parents should punk their kids with a crappy present. And then they should video it and send it in so that their kids can be embarrassed on television.

It astonishes me that so many parents would go along with this, and then go on to submit these videos even when the kids are clearly distressed.

Is this not emotionally abusive? Does this not betray the trust kids have in the adults who are supposed to be looking out for them?

I’m very upset about this. Please tell me I’m not alone.

“Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it.” This is an acceptable reason. *facepalm*

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