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question of the day: What movie event would you be willing to participate in a re-creation of?

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I suppose this was inevitable. From The Independent:

Watch out for the icebergs… cruise recreating Titanic’s fateful voyage is sold out

For some, it might sound too much like tempting fate – and for others, it smacks of “disaster voyeurism”. But for more than 2,000 Titanic enthusiasts, the chance to mark the centenary of the maritime disaster by sailing on a large cruise ship to commemorate the sinking on the very spot of the tragedy is proving difficult to resist.

A British company has almost sold out two cruises for people to mark the anniversary on 15 April by following the route of the Titanic to where it struck an iceberg. The booming demand for Titanic-related travel has led to another travel company offering the chance to explore the wreckage of the ill-fated vessel in a Russian-built submarine next summer at a cost of $59,000 (£37,000) per person. Places for that voyage are already “very limited”.

Such is the interest in places on the MS Balmoral, the vessel retracing the journey of the maiden voyage of the Titanic, that a waiting list for cancellations has closed.

Some of those who have booked berths costing up to £5,995 are having costumes made to recreate the appearance of the original passengers, while there have also been requests from musicians to audition for places on the string quartet that played as the flagship of the White Star Line fleet began to list.

The attention to detail for the recreated Titanic voyage means that passengers will dine on the same menus offered to the 1,514 people who died and the 710 who survived when the ship struck an iceberg at 11.40pm. Among the items from the 11-course first-class dinner to be offered will be oysters, roast squab and sautéed chicken Lyonnaise.

I wonder, will the cruise offer an authentic steerage experience as well? Or will it all be first class? (Nope: looks like no steerage. Should we cry foul on this endeavor?)

Of course, the Titanic’s (interrupted) maiden voyage was a genuine historical event, but it’s hard to imagine that there’d be so much interest in a do-over of it if not for James Cameron’s epic and record-breakingly successful movie. And it’s totally impossible not to guess that someone will re-create Rose’s “I’m flying!” and Jack’s “I’m the king of the world!” moments. Perhaps needless to say, an iceberg collision and sinking is not on the re-creation’s agenda… but then again, it wasn’t on the original journey’s agenda, either.

Questions of money aside, would you be interested in retracing the Titanic’s journey? What movie event would you be willing to participate in a re-creation of? Whether that movie event is based on a real event or not. The Battle of Helm’s Deep (minus the horrific injuries, naturally)? King Kong’s showcasing in New York City? What else?

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me. Responses to this QOTD sent by email will be ignored; please post your responses here.)

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