watch it: Ferris Bueller sells Hondas

No. No no no! That teaser thingie last week that appeared to be some sort of rebirth of Ferris Bueller in the 21st century? Turns out it’s just Matthew Broderick hawking cars.

I mean, I knew — we all knew — that this was gonna be an ad. But I still feel like Ralphie being told by Little Orphan Annie to drink my Ovaltine. A lousy commercial? Because it’s a lousy commerical. It apes Ferris Bueller’s Day Off without understanding what makes the movie so appealing to this day: it’s about nonconformity, breaking out, being a rebel. This ad is about fitting in and joining the crowd. Most ads are, but why try to steal Ferris Bueller’s mojo if you’re only going to sully it?

And it’s really, really hard to feel the same sort of sympathy we felt with a kid cutting school in the boring suburbs for a movie star skipping a day of work on a movie set in Los Angeles.

That’s right, Broderick:

Matthew Broderick Honda ad

You are the walrus. Goo goo g’joob.

I hope Matthew Broderick feels appropriately dirty after this. It’s just so… cheap.

Via /Film.

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