Doctor Who thing of the day: now that Series 7 production is underway, what do you hope we’ll get?

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From the BBC:

Filming on the new series of Doctor Who began on the morning of Monday, 20th February and the latest press release gives details of guest stars, plus quotes from Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Filming is underway on the new series of Doctor Who and the last for the Ponds!

Filming has just started on Series 7 of Doctor Who in Cardiff. This series will see the last days of the Ponds with Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill returning for their final, rollercoaster voyage with the Doctor. Amy and Rory have been at the Doctor’s side for more than two series but what will he do after their heartbreaking departure?

Plus new guest stars so far confirmed to star will include David Bradley, Rupert Graves and Mark Williams.

Series 7 will then see a dramatic turn of events when the Doctor meets a new friend. Prepare yourselves for thrills, adventures and dramatic surprises as the show builds towards its enormous, climactic 50th anniversary year. Fourteen big, blockbuster-movie episodes – each a brand new epic adventure featuring new monsters and some familiar foes as you’ve never seen them before.

The other day, Whatculture! offered up its list of “7 Things We Want To See In Doctor Who Series 7”:

1. Less of the “arc” plotting
2. No more timey-wimey solutions
3. More proper bad-guys
4. More old friends
5. More exploration of the TARDIS
6. More “star” writers
7. No 50th anniversary multi-Doctor stories

(Click over to Whatculture! for explanations and expansions of the list items.)

I heartily second all of those, and especially No. 5. I would love to see a story set entirely within the TARDIS… which doesn’t necessarily mean a setbound story! Given the size and scope of the TARDIS, half the fun of such a story would be exploring some of the amazing places tucked away inside the ship, which should — in a properly entertaining story — demand shooting at some very interesting locations (if interior ones).

Also, please: Give the Daleks a rest for a while.

Your turn. What do you hope we’ll see — or not see — in Series 7?

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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