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Game of Thrones Season One watch-a-thon: “Fire and Blood”

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Here be dragons.

Dragons’ eggs on the mantelpiece. This was bound to happen.

So, where do we stand? Robb is the unwitting King of the North. (Oh, Robb…) Drogo is dead. Arya is having a boy’s adventure. Jon is about to face snow zombies and the gods know what else. And Daenerys, once a prize handed among men seeking power, is now probably the most powerful person on the planet (whatever planet this is). None of the men squabbling over the Iron Throne can possibly have any idea what they’re in for.

Oh, yes, I’ll be watching Season 2 as it unfolds, starting on April 1. Because I cannot wait to find out what happens next…

I’ll have some nonspoilerish thoughts on Season 1 on the whole in a day or two.

(next: Season 2 Episode 1: “The North Remembers”)

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