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question of the day: Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with others?

Today’s question comes from reader MarkyD, who wants to know:

Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with others?
For me, it depends on who the others are. If it’s friends that share my attitude about how to watch a movie (ie, if it’s the first time I’m seeing it, I don’t want to talk during it; if it’s a repeat viewing, a little bit of chat might be okay, depending on the film, and on whether chat would disturb others around us), then I don’t mind company. I’m always very leery of seeing a film that I need to review with someone I’ve never been to a film with before, because that could be too much of a distraction.

One thing that drives me insane about being a cinema with other people is when a total stranger sitting next to me turns to me to see how I’m reacting to something onscreen. And I don’t mean because I’ve laughed out loud inappropriately or gasped at a point in the movie that doesn’t seem to call for it. I mean at a moment when everyone in the theater is sharing a reaction. I find it oddly disturbing for a stranger to make me the center of attention, and why the hell would he or she care how someone they don’t know is reacting?


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