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question of the weekend: Are women people?

women's deodorant and people's deodorant

It’s the hottest topic of the moment, and a very exciting one!

Are women people?

The fact that the question has to be asked suggests that the answer is No, probably not. I mean, no one bothers to ask questions like “Are puppies cute?” or “Is ice cream delicious?” because the answers are obviously Yes. Even Time magazine, in its “Subject for Debate: Are Women People?” comes to the conclusion that women probably are not people. And that piece was written by Jessica Winter, who is a lady, and you’d think she’d be predisposed to conclude that the answer is Yes. And she doesn’t.

Then again, her ladybrain cannot be trusted to come to reasonable conclusions about anything, so we’re back where we started:

Are women people? What evidence can we find that they might be? Can this ever outweigh the overwhelming evidence that suggests that women are not people?

I invite women as well as men to respond, though of course more credence will be given to the positions of men.
Image from The Society Pages via Ridiculousness.

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