Doctor Who thing of the day: kid-written minisode “Good as Gold”

These girls
Good as Gold girls

(I love how happy they look!) wrote a mini episode of Doctor Who — like last autumn’s “Death Is the Only Answer” — and it debuted yesterday during the children’s show Blue Peter. Check it out:

I’d like to think that that opening line about having an adventure once a week is a swipe at the long waits between series we’ve had to endure.

“I’ve set the TARDIS to adventure setting.” Ha!

Doctor Who Good as Gold Karen Gillan Matt Smith

Oh, the Doctor. Always with the funny hair.

And a cliffhanger ending! Hey, we never did get a resolution for the cliffhanger of “Death Is the Only Answer”…

Via Thanks to Henry, bronxbee, @culturekills, and @tsoprano8.

(Also, if you haven’t already heard, Matt Smith will be running with the Olympic torch near Cardiff very early tomorrow morning.)

(If you stumble across a cool Doctor Who thing, feel free to email me with a link.)

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