Game of Thrones S02 E01: “The North Remembers”

Game of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

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Yea, finally catching up on Season Two of Game of Thrones! Funny how it feels like returning to a place I know very well. Kudos to everyone involved both in front of and behind the camera for making an invented world seem so very real.

So: We jump right back into things with Terrible Joffrey and his capricious cruelty… and Sansa Stark, his reluctant wife hostage, learning how to reign him in without him realizing that’s what she’s doing. Good for her — and too bad for her, that girls have to grow up so much more quickly than boys do.

Joffrey gets to play his brutal games, that crazy wilding man north of the wall gets to have a harem of daughter-wives — ugh — while girls learn long before they are women how to placate the men around them. Even Cersei, threatened with death by her own horrid son — I almost felt sorry for her there, after she slaps him in the throne room. But she did raise him to be precisely this sort of monster, so I can’t feel too sorry…

How on Earth is Joffrey going to react when he learns that the “disgusting lie” he heard about “Uncle” Jaime and his mother is actually true? And more than true, in that it directly impacts who he is? Ooo, this is gonna be fun.

A red comet means dragons, does it? Baby dragons that won’t eat the meat Daenerys offers them. Why do I have a feeling the dragons want human flesh to dine on?

I guess it takes high fantasy to face the matter of religion and politics so head on: there’s a “new god,” a “lord of light,” the “one true god,” is there? And he’s backing the dead king’s brother, who believes himself the rightful heir to the Iron Throne? This is gonna get messy. (I can’t help but think that Monty Python would love this: a beachy priestess tart lobs a fiery sword at a dude, and that makes him king? *snort*) The night may be dark and full of terrors, but it’s how you face them that makes you a man… or a woman. No?

Speaking of terrors: Something finally rattles Jaime Lannnister… and it’s a big dog. I wasn’t expecting that.

Love the scene in which Petyr and Cersei square off. “Knowledge is power”? “Power is power.” Yikes!

Kinda have the feeling that the soldier who can’t bear to kill the king’s baby bastards in cold blood is gonna be a thing later on. But maybe not in the same way that the Iron Throne’s rightful heir and Stark’s youngest daughter hanging out together will be…

(next: “The Night Lands”)

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