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Game of Thrones S02 E04: “Garden of Bones”

Game of Thrones Michelle Fairley

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Oh good lord. Good lord of light. The lord of light is actually some evil dark deity? The crazy priestess lady in red used the poor sap of a would-be king to father a misty malevolent god thing?

Man, this show just gets crazier and crazier. I love it.

*snort* The “one true god” is weird and wicked? *snort*

Meanwhile, Joffrey is an even more twisted little fuck than we knew. Dragonfire melts stone, which is damn near apocalyptic. And Tyrion is a livid little genius when he’s crossed… and now I’m convinced that he’s gonna end up on the Iron Throne, or at least as the power behind whoever is.

I do love this show, partly because I cannot even begin to guess where it’s gonna go. It’s so nice to feel that way about TV.

(next: “The Ghost of Harrenhal”)

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