question of the day: Are you more likely to head to the multiplex on a holiday weekend?

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Today is Memorial Day in the United States. (It would normally also be the late-May bank holiday in the United Kingdom, but that was moved to next week to give us all a long four-day weekend for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.) This is traditionally a weekend for big movie releases, with Hollywood hoping for the extra day off to boost box office for summery blockbusters. It appears to have worked this year, with preliminary weekend estimates — before Monday’s tickets have even been sold, never mind counted — putting the new Men in Black III atop the box office, knocking Marvel’s The Avengers off the perch where it has been breaking records.
But of course Memorial Day isn’t supposed to be just a free day off: it’s a day to honor and remember those who’ve served in the U.S. military, and those who are currently serving. (By contrast, many of the U.K.’s bank holidays are free days off — or, at least, for those people who don’t work in shops that remain open, in emergency services, and so on — that do not come laden with any civic or religious expectations or obligations.)

So, with that in mind, reader Lisa writes:

Memorial Day — what do you do?

I just got back from watering the flowers at various family graves (and woe is me if I forget until after Friday, some aunt will have put out flowers at the graves I’m responsible for in silent and nameless reproach).

Do you go to the cemetary, parades, events, or just the latest Will Smith movie?

There’s no reason, of course, why you can’t do all of the above: it is a three-day weekend, after all.

So, to keep it focused on movies: Are you more likely to head to the multiplex on a holiday weekend? Or do you prefer to avoid the crowds that turn up then? Are some holidays better than others for moviegoing? (Please feel free to discuss what else you do over Memorial Day weekend, or Victoria Day weekend [which was last weekend in Canada], or other summer holidays.)

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