watch it: teen girl Venus Angelic transforms herself in a doll

I wish I had never heard about this, but I did, and now I can’t unhear it.

Fifteen-year-old Venus Angelic — not her real name — has become a hit on YouTube thanks to her series of videos about transforming oneself into *gulp* a “ball-jointed doll.”

For all the many creepy things wrong with this — her bizarre and perhaps racist Japanese accent and how this panders to pedophiles, however inadvertently, just for starters — I think the one that strikes me as the most disturbing is how some come to her defense by explaining that lots of Japanese girls dress like dolls

Venus Angelic

so what could be wrong about this?

Does no one think it odd that lots of girls would want to escape reality by transforming themselves into dolls? Dolls are the ultimate passive creatures: they are not alive; they exist to be played with and to do nothing themselves. A fantasy of being a doll is not like a fantasy of being, say, a superhero or an astronaut or even a princess. A doll fantasy is about deliberately dehumanizing oneself.

Surely something must be very very wrong with the lives of young girls if this is appealing to them. No?

Read more about Venus Angelic at International Business Times and The Week.

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