Game of Thrones S02 E09: “Blackwater”

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Lannisters! I hate these guys. Except for Tyrion. He actually seems to want to do what’s best for the people of King’s Landing, at least as far as his position lets him. (He’d probably cut Joffrey’s throat himself if he thought he could get away with it.) Could he be the only genuine leader among all the people in power here (since Ned Stark’s death, anyway)? His little speech to the soldiers to rally them to protect their own homes, their own families, their own city — and not to protect that little shit Jofrey, who’d just slunk away to safety — certainly sounded heartfelt. Or does Tyrion have some deep dark ulterior motive that hasn’t been hinted at yet? Will we ever know? Cuz:

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Not Tyrion. Please, don’t let Tyrion be dead.

Hoorah: Someone finally said, “Fuck the king” about Joffrey. To the little shit’s face, even. ’Bout time. What a pig he is, making Sansa kiss his sword. I fear she is correct, however, and he will never get what’s coming to him, because the worst ones always survive. Damn.

So, wildfire works:

Game of Thrones

Dark magic scares the eunuch, who was cut in some way or for some reason that involves old magic, so much so that the thing he fears most is Stannis with his dark arts on the Iron Throne. (Ah, but he hasn’t seen Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons yet…)

What’s with Sandor and Sansa? Did his rescue of her a few episodes back engender a sense of a special protectiveness toward her? I’m starting to wonder if a similar feeling is what’s behind Cersei’s behavior toward Sansa: it’s not that the queen is jealous or afraid of the girl, it’s just that she sees herself in the girl and is trying to forearm her for the life she seems destined for, though she may be doing it in a rough way.

Damn, but I love how complex these characters are.

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