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question of the day: How important is DVD packaging and presentation to you?

Real Ghostbusters The Complete Collection

I had an interesting conversation with Andrew Jones — aka @EthanRunt — on Twitter last week about the UK DVD release of The Muppets, which goes on sale today. He was upset that the slipcase included with the Region 1 DVD is not included with the Region 2 DVD. I was frankly astonished that anyone would ever notice such a thing, never mind get upset about it. But during the course of our Twitter conversation, Jones said:

I like the presentation of the case as much as the movie.

As much as the movie itself? Really? I know that people collect DVDs and that elaborate packaging is sometimes a selling point, but I honestly never imagined that even serious collectors would care about the inclusion or lack thereof of a cardboard sleeve. I used to throw those away, when I was buying DVDs: they just impede the getting at the movie. What has always mattered most to me — to the point of everything else not really mattering at all — is the content of a DVD. A movie to me is the experience of watching it, not the container it comes in.

So now I’m really curious to know how many other people feel like Jones does.

How important is DVD packaging and presentation to you? I’m not talking about digital content such as video featurettes or commentary tracks. I’m talking purely about the physical container holding all the ones and zeroes.

PS: The image up top is the craziest DVD presentation I could find during a quick Google. It’s the Region 1-only 2009 set The Real Ghostbusters: Complete Collection. (Click here for a ginormous version of that image.) [Amazon U.S.] [Amazon Canada] [Amazon U.K. (Region 1 import)]

PS: I swear to God, I’m gonna get around to reviewing The Muppets really soon. Honestly.

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