question of the day: What part of a favorite movie do you refuse to watch?

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Today’s question comes from beccity98, who wants to know:

What part of a favorite movie do you refuse to watch?

beccity98 elaborates:

Like, can you watch this movies over and over, except for one scene? I like the movie The Rock, with Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery, I can watch it anytime it’s on cable, but I refuse to watch the scene where the good guys have just broken into the prison, the bad guys discover them, and all the good guys get killed, leaving just Nic Cage and Sean Connery to save the day. I really don’t like that shootout, it was like fish in a barrel. I have a friend who refuses to watch the escape scene in Bambi, where he’s running away, and his mom gets shot. I also don’t like scenes were the whole movie is about running a scam of sorts, and the scene where they get found out. Like the dinner scene in Mrs. Doubfire, where the mom finds out.

Your turn!

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